8-Week Course Mindfulness for Wellbeing
Tues. 25th April - 20th June

8-Week Course
MBSR/MBCT Mindfulness

Wed. 26th Apr.-28th June
Mon. 25th Sep. - 27th Nov.


Follow-up Mindfulness Workshops
Spring 2017

4-Month Course Mindfulness for Women
Sat. 7th October 2017 - 27th January 2018

8-Week Course Mindful Self-Compassion
Autumn 2017 TBC

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Imagine how it might feel
to let each moment be
just as it is
Jon Kabat-Zinn


Welcome to Everyday Mindfulness

Mindfulness works in every moment of life
Mindfulness works in ordinary ways - every day of your life

Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed?
Does life sometimes get on top of you, or simply pass you by?
Or maybe you would like to find greater appreciation and
joy in your life?
Everyday Mindfulness can help you find greater peace and
happiness when facing the challenges of life.
Everyday Mindfulness offers information about Mindfulness and a variety of Mindfulness courses to suit your needs, with regular workshops and MBSR/MBCT Mindfulness courses around Frome, for the Somerset-Wiltshire area, Distance Learning courses, One-to-One courses, and Mindfulness at work. We also offer Counselling with Mindfulness, for Individuals and Couples.

Everyday Mindfulness is based in Frome, on the Somerset-Wiltshire border, with easy links to Wells, Glastonbury, Warminster, Bradford-on-Avon, Bath, Bristol, and Dorset.

Everyday Mindfulness courses and workshops are taught by highly experienced and qualified husband and wife teachers Eva Ruijgrok-Lupton
and Dan Lupton, who also provides the Counselling with Mindfulness. Between us we have more than 50 years of meditation experience and have taught mindfulness to more than 1000 people. Contact us to discuss how Mindfulness might work best for you.

"Some years ago, Eva taught me my first eight week mindfulness course. I've been on quite a journey since then and have worked with many different teachers, but don't think any have been better than Eva. Her gentle, clear and skilled approach contains and guides the group beautifully."

Devin Ashwood